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Lets hear your Weekend Preditions!

Lets hear your Weekend Preditions!
Felt like making a thread for preditions for this weekends game, lets hear em, winner gets bragging rights lol

Broncos V Pats - 38-20 Pats

Saints V 49ers - 21-14 49ers

Giants V Packers - 38-35 Giants

Texans V Ravens - 17-10 Texans

RE: Lets hear your Weekend Preditions!
Pats over Broncos 42-10

Saints over 49ers 24-16

Packers over Giants 35-17

Ravens over Texans 20- 14
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RE: Lets hear your Weekend Preditions!
Broncos will beat the Pats. Don't know how But they will its what the NFL wants. I say a Ref kinks Brady in the Jewels which knocks him out of the game.
The Saints will tear up the Niners. Which will create talks about how bad Alex Smith is and how they blew the chance to draft Luck. Luck in turn will go to the colts. He will then later that week retire and become a Bartender his "TRUE" calling
The Packers will beat the Giants. By like 34 points. Eli Manning will throw 3 ints and people will say " Hey he's Peyton's Little brother what do you expect!"
The Ravens will sack Yates 10 times and win the game. Yates will then retire to become a ballon Animal clown. Ray Lewis will then hire him for his kids Birthday party. Oh and Arian Foster will leave the Texans and go to the Browns for he can Play with the real "Winners" of the Nfl
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RE: Lets hear your Weekend Preditions!
Broncos/Pats - Broncos
Saints/49ers - Saints
Giants/Packers - Giants
Texans/Ravens - Ravens
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RE: Lets hear your Weekend Preditions!
Broncos and Ravens for the AFC Championship.

Saints and Packers for the NFC Championship.

Ravens and Saints in the big show, with the Saints winning the Superbowl. The Packers won the Superbowl last year through a wild card spot and I have a feeling the Saints will do it again this year.

RE: Lets hear your Weekend Preditions!
RYAN! wow going against the Pack at home huh? Seems like this week will be fairly easy except 1 game...

Broncos/Pats - hellifino! I HOPE Broncos win only cause I hate the Pats, but hard to beat Brady in Playoffs

Saints/49ers - ummmm, Saints by far

Giants / Packers - ummmm, Packers by far

Texans / Ravens - ummmm, Ravens by far
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RE: Lets hear your Weekend Preditions!
Broncos/Pats - Pats by a hundred
Saints/49ers - Niners in OT
Giants/Packers - Packers even after Rodgers gets knocked out of the game
Texans/Ravens - Ravens 10-3
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RE: Lets hear your Weekend Preditions!
SF vs NO - NO by farrrrrrr
NYG vs GB - GB

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RE: Lets hear your Weekend Preditions!
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RE: Lets hear your Weekend Preditions!
San Fran 28, NOLA 24 goal line stand
Denver 35, NE 34, last second field goal by Prater
Baltimore 17, Houston 10, Ed Reed pick 6 on Texans' final drive
GB 45, New York G-Men 13, total domination
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