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Selling Cards for the Newbie

RE: Selling Cards for the Newbie
Bucket always helps.... Let me know if you have any Marino stuff.
Trying to finish these sets:
1999 SPX Radiance /100
1997 Upper Deck MVPs Gold /100
2000 Leaf Piece of the Game Preview 4th Down
2008 Premier NFL Equipment /25

Let me know if you have any available.

RE: Selling Cards for the Newbie
Ive sold off a bit of mine on ebay, i usually do a Buy it Now or best offer option. People on here are mostly here for trading, and will offer you 10% of BV thinking they are doing you a favor. In order to trade use the Organize to add your cards. You can do this by searching for them on the bar up top, and clicking the add to organize button on the far right. After you add them to your organize you can go into it by clicking on the tab, and marking the certain ones for trade / sale.

GL and welcome!
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RE: Selling Cards for the Newbie
(01-10-2012, 01:57 PM)dmasci Wrote: Any tips on how to begin trading here? Do I need to set up a photobucket account so I can put pictures in there of what I have to trade or is there a way to do it on this site? Thanks
Read through these threads if you haven't already...



[Image: ceocards6copy.png]

Click on banner for photobucket link.

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