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Autos and Jersey cards

Autos and Jersey cards
Posted about 60 auto and or jersey cards. a lot of USA signature stars, bowman chrome, a few marquees, triple threads, and more. check my ORG.

RE: Autos and Jersey cards
offer sent
[Image: u0vgF6d.jpg]
Collecting Detroit Tigers, HOFers, Nolan Ryan, Will Clark and Juan Soto

**If you are not able use one penny sleeve per card when shipping your trades do not bother sending me any trade offers.**


RE: Autos and Jersey cards
Open offer sent
Matt Holliday Refractors -75/162 - 46.3%
2006 UC Ensemble Triple Auto 69/87 - 79.0%
2007 UD Future Stars Triple Auto 11/18 - 61.0%
2007 SS Dual Auto Brwn Glv/Blk Ink 7/34 - 20.5%
[Image: TXqak.png]

RE: Autos and Jersey cards
Open offer sent
If you have less than 25 trades. I ask that you ship first!
Collecting RC's / Prospects / USA / Aflac & Mike Stanton......
[Image: Scan1-1.jpg]

RE: Autos and Jersey cards
check me for any players in my sig
[Image: banner4_zps7ecf2a69.jpg]

also dez bryant,any bama players in bama uni,john parker wilson,jered weaver,matt kemp,topps triple thread stuff,anthony rizzo

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