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Out of the Box McFarlene's

Out of the Box McFarlene's
Just wanted some input from the boards

I have about 30-50 NHL McFarlene's I have opened and displayed in my basement over the years.
I'm renovating the room now and no longer have a need for these.
Is there anywhere I can donate them?
I already dropped off the ones still in the box here at work for the toy drive. But I figured it's the holidays, there must be some kids who would want to play with these somewhere....
I was thinking sick kids hospital.. Anywhere......
I would just hate to through them all out
Back in the Game!!

RE: Out of the Box McFarlene's

Cant really help you with the toy drive but I collect loose mcfarlane's (montreal canadiens only) to get the bases signed. if you have any you want to sell to me let me know.

info@rantingrocket.com email me if we can work something out.

RE: Out of the Box McFarlene's
I know my sons would enjoy a few if you don't find any needy children.

RE: Out of the Box McFarlene's
Here's an idea, sell them (I collect Red Wings and Mark Messier), then you can donate the proceeds to a children's charity.
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