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Chrome Hosmer autos?
Did Topps seriously just make the Bowman Chrome and Topps Chrome autos identical? You put redemptions in the packs for the autos because they weren't available at the time of production and you can't at least get a different current picture of the guy? Very disappointing!
Collecting Eric Hosmer and Alex Gordon
[Image: tperks.gif]
Do not trade list: charbs1111
Why would Topps do that??
Why would they do something to make the product more interesting or different?
They do not need to do anything at all to make the product different of more exciting to keep the customer happy..
They are the only game in town..
Without competition what would the point be of spending more $$ to use and pay for a different picture? Who else are you going to buy from??
can you please post a picture of both cards? thanks
nevermind, i found the pics on eBay
[Image: angelsbanner.jpg]

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