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Desperately Seeking 2004 Cracker Jack SPs
I've been building the 2004 Cracker Jack set for a while now, and I am so close to completing it......just searching for the 22 SPs I haven't gotten yet. If you can help, please shoot me some offers. All my needs are listed in my org. I know someone here has to have something to get me closer. Thanks!
[Image: Screenshot2012-08-02at100731PM.png]
I have 1 that you need. See if you can find anything else you can use to make a trade worthwhile. Thanks friend.
[Image: u0vgF6d.jpg]
Collecting Detroit Tigers, HOFers, Nolan Ryan, Will Clark and Juan Soto

**If you are not able use one penny sleeve per card when shipping your trades do not bother sending me any trade offers.**

Yep, I got one too Tim Stauffer #216
[Image: NYNMRXJ.png]

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