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have cup auto patcch stamkos,vishnevsky,holmstrom,johnson,bailey,robitaille,osulliva,

have cup auto patcch stamkos,vishnevsky,holmstrom,johnson,bailey,robitaille,osulliva,
...b.schenn,k.cliffford,t'winngles,patches w/out auto broda,lafontaine,green,backstrom,vorachek,mafleury,salming,sittler,caputi. rookie cards 6 1112 yguns,other yguns bozak,gustavsson,lschenn,zajak,wheeler,clutterbuck,kulikov,karlssson,asimov,abdelkader,brasssard,backlund,simmonds,vishnovsky victory gold rookies tavares,myers,j.benn,gagnon,plante,eller,wheeler,vanreimersdyk(black)dorsett(black) other rookies..skinner(ice breakers),kadri(ice breakers with metallic and not),paarjavi(donruss),eklund larsen(donruss),niederitter(donruss)nashville rookie goalie(rc/jsy/auto and zenith auto)pavelec(donruss/25 auto),doan(donr 25 auto), others sawchuk(stick card) espositos(souble jersey) ice see tru auto of khabibulin and calder awesome card, loungo/brodeur(win combos), brodeur(jersey card)franzen(rookie threads),piterangelo(jsy/auto/rc),nodl(jsy/rc)brodeur goalie ottawa(auto and seperate jsy card) some of these are in my org but it needs updating check out bucket at http://s1036.photobucket.com/albums/a445/minuit2/ I am looking for masterpieces esp autos need some jsys and parallels have some masterpieces to trade in return, nhorton,hawerchuk,ciccarelli,stastnys,lakings,parkhurst autos or captains

RE: have cup auto patcch stamkos,vishnevsky,holmstrom,johnson,bailey,robitaille,osulliva,
ummm, wow is all i can say to that.

RE: have cup auto patcch stamkos,vishnevsky,holmstrom,johnson,bailey,robitaille,osulliva,
(11-27-2011, 03:01 PM)dragik Wrote: ummm, wow is all i can say to that.
Thanks, you have quite the collection yourself very impressive I am intreted in all 4 of your K.Clifford's autos and GU, both of the J.Muzzin's,the A.Martinez,the Elkins,the Horton(in Bos uni not boys of winter the other one),the robitaille 1/5,the Antropov mosaic card,the Ciccarelli(in north stars). Obviously I won't be able to pry all these away but I have alot of Wings 1.Sawchuck stick(bv 50.00), 2.Holmstrom (auto/patch from inked patches), 3.Robitaille(patch from wings red and white), 4.Franzen(rookie threads), 5.Ritola(rookie jerseys), 6.Lidstrom(Powerplay jsy card),
7.Lidstrom/Bourque(winning combos), 8.Probert(ud jerseys),9.Probert/Williams(artifacts jsy), 10.Datzyuk(stiches jersey from),11,12,13.Holmstrom,CHELIOS,osgood(stiches jerseys),14.Legace(inks auto),15.Yzerman(ud jsy bv 30.00),plus I also have tons of additional jsy and auto and mini jerseys in red wtngs I have many mcfarlane figures including g.howe,g.howe/bower pack together, r.lang(in box),hasek(in box),chelios also have minis of datzuyk and zetterberg. My bucket has most of it including lots of vintage of Yzerman nice carrds too, You will also find tons of nice inserts and parallels in bucket. http://s1036.photobucket.com/albums/a445/minuit2/ also have a green parallel howe worth 25.00 from masterpieces i dont like trading masterpieces but that is a double I have red wing autos from delvechio,kelly and others as well as jsy of s.bowman.and parallels of howe,robitaille and delvechio. Please take your time there are also lots of Wings rookies you have to go to each main section then search the sub section which will often have many albums.Some of the rookies include signed auto/jsy /rc of miller,abdelkader yguns,ericsson yguns, and ritola,Helm and many more.

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