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2010 5 star racing

2010 5 star racing
I was looking this stuff over and it looks pretty awesome. Great chance to pull some super auto/patches. But with that chance comes a stiff pricetag of $1500 per 3 box case. What's the chances of being able to come out on a case? Is there a case hit or is it 4 cards and a booklet in each box? Any help would be appreciated before I take the leap.

RE: 2010 5 star racing
buy it if your looking to collect but if your hoping to make your money back forgett about it. This is a great product with some nice looking cards in it but its a huge gamble for prospectors.

THE 1/1 QUAD autograph of pearson yarborough waltrip and petty only wen for like 260.00

RE: 2010 5 star racing
I agree w/ shelby. If you want to collect or trade, go for it. Otherwise, the risk is too high. Check out this box break thread and click his PB link to see the scans. Maybe that will help you decide. If I could afford it, I'd love to buy a box but I'd rather spend my money on more Fanfare.


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