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need some quick paypal Magic card lot for sale
10-14-2011, 11:44 PM
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need some quick paypal Magic card lot for sale
need some quick paypal Magic cards for sale
Im looking to sell all of these as a lot. looking to get about $145 with shipping to canada or the US

Jace, Memory Adept
Sorin Markov
Garruk, Primal Hunter
Chandra, the Firebrand
Primeval Titan
Sun Titan
Grave Titan
Frost Titan
Inferno Titan

Random Foils
Lifelink m12
Pacifism X2 m12/m11
Forced Worship New phyrexia
Abuna Acolyte Scars of mirrodin
Timely Reinforcements m12
Serra Angel m12
Child of the Night m12
Bloodrage vampire m12
Drifting Shade m12
Mind Rot m12
Mire Blight Zendikar
Geth's Verdict New phyrexia
Sutured Ghoul m12
Vampire Outcast m12
Black Knight M11
Vault Skirge New phyrexia
Stonework Puma Zendikar
Omen Machine New phyrexia
Pestilent Souleater New phyrexia
Gremlin Mine New phyrexia
Rootbound Crag m12
Mountain X2 m12
Fiery Hellhound m12
Goblin Tunneler m12
Yawning Fissure m10
Burst Lightning Zendikar
Kuldotha Rebirth Scars of mirrodin
Goblin Artillery m10
Goblin Chieftain m12
Shivan Dragon m10
Warstorm Surge m12
Ice Cage m10
Mana Leak M11
Merfolk Looter m12
Reckless Scholar Zendikar
Living Tsunami Zendikar
Trapmaker's Snare Zendikar
Sea Gate Loremaster Zendikar
Azure Mage m12
Visions of Beyond m12
Djinn of Wishes m10
Greenweaver Druid Zendikar
Nissa's Chosen Zendikar
Cudgel Troll M11
Hunter's Insight m12
Carnage Wurm m12
Arachnus Web m12
Lurking Crocodile m12
Vastwood Gorger m12
Greater Basilisk m12
Bountiful Harvest m10
Naturalize m12
Titanic Growth m12
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