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Giants Fans Come on IN!!!

Giants Fans Come on IN!!!
All for trade, mostly for guys in my sig (that always sounds cheesy) but I will look for other things as well......
[Image: Image5-2.jpg]
[Image: Image6-3.jpg]
[Image: Image7-3.jpg]

RE: Giants Fans Come on IN!!!
love the Triple Threads Posey!
[Image: PoseyLetters.jpg]
2010 Finest Rookie Autos Buster Posey Letterman
ALL Buster Posey Cards
Cards of the 2011 Tampa Bay Rays
2011 Allen & Ginter Animals in Peril- need 10 more!

RE: Giants Fans Come on IN!!!
interested in all the Belt Update cards and the Posey Triple Threads, i really need the Belts, so hopefully we can works something out!
[Image: giantssig1.jpg]

I collect Brandon Belt, Pablo Sandoval, Matt Cain and Gary Brown!

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