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Andre Ethier PC The Real Thread
(12-21-2014, 09:38 AM)Hofcollector Wrote: That's an awesome collection. You must have been happy he wasn't traded.
Thanks for the compliment!
However, the off season isn't over yet. But so far, I have been extremely happy. LOL
I have updated my Google+ album covers. I also added a few more cards in various years.

[Image: EthierAlbumCovers.jpg]
I also have about a dozen or so cards I need to scan. Maybe 7 1/1's in that group.
Always enjoy seeing you post your additions, Alex!
[Image: 1969WorldSeriesTicket.jpg]
I collect 1969 Mets memorabilia and 1960 Topps baseball, nothing else.
My 1969 Mets PC Bucket:
(11-24-2015, 04:20 PM)1969metsfan Wrote: Always enjoy seeing you post your additions, Alex!
Thanks Dave!
My pick ups from the last few months that I just got around to scanning.


[Image: EthierPCScans937.jpg][Image: EthierPCScans938.jpg]
[Image: EthierPCScans943.jpg][Image: EthierPCScans944.jpg]
[Image: EthierPCScans913.jpg][Image: EthierPCScans914.jpg]
[Image: EthierPCScans971.jpg][Image: EthierPCScans972.jpg]
[Image: EthierPCScans915.jpg][Image: EthierPCScans916.jpg]
[Image: EthierPCScans961.jpg][Image: EthierPCScans962.jpg]
[Image: EthierPCScans963.jpg][Image: EthierPCScans964.jpg]
[Image: EthierPCScans965.jpg][Image: EthierPCScans966.jpg]
[Image: EthierPCScans917.jpg][Image: EthierPCScans918.jpg]


[Image: EthierPCScans925.jpg][Image: EthierPCScans926.jpg]
[Image: EthierPCScans939.jpg][Image: EthierPCScans940.jpg]
[Image: EthierPCScans949.jpg][Image: EthierPCScans950.jpg]
[Image: EthierPCScans955.jpg][Image: EthierPCScans956.jpg]
[Image: EthierPCScans967.jpg][Image: EthierPCScans968.jpg]
[Image: EthierPCScans929.jpg][Image: EthierPCScans930.jpg]
[Image: EthierPCScans959.jpg][Image: EthierPCScans960.jpg]


[Image: EthierPCScans947.jpg][Image: EthierPCScans948.jpg]
[Image: EthierPCScans951.jpg][Image: EthierPCScans952.jpg]
[Image: EthierPCScans953.jpg][Image: EthierPCScans954.jpg]
[Image: EthierPCScans927.jpg][Image: EthierPCScans928.jpg]
[Image: EthierPCScans945.jpg][Image: EthierPCScans946.jpg]
[Image: EthierPCScans919.jpg][Image: EthierPCScans920.jpg]
[Image: EthierPCScans921.jpg][Image: EthierPCScans922.jpg]


[Image: EthierPCScans941.jpg][Image: EthierPCScans942.jpg]


[Image: EthierPCScans923.jpg][Image: EthierPCScans924.jpg]

[Image: EthierPCScans933.jpg][Image: EthierPCScans934.jpg]


[Image: EthierPCScans931.jpg][Image: EthierPCScans932.jpg]

Not Numbered:

[Image: EthierPCScans957.jpg][Image: EthierPCScans958.jpg]
[Image: EthierPCScans935.jpg][Image: EthierPCScans936.jpg]
[Image: Ch4Mt.png]
I guess if I saved used tinfoil and used tea bags instead of old comic books and old baseball cards, the difference between a crazed hoarder and a savvy collector is in that inherent value.
Amazing player PC. How long have you been collecting him and how much would you say you've invested?
My Bucket - w/ PC & Up For Sale Scans (NOT BACK UP TO DATE YET)
Holy low numbers batman! Nice collection!
[Image: Woogie%2023_zpshzmly2km.jpg]
(12-19-2015, 03:54 PM)DrMitchJ Wrote: Outstanding!!!
Thanks Doc!
(12-19-2015, 09:08 PM)the cardboard fan Wrote: Amazing player PC. How long have you been collecting him and how much would you say you've invested?

Thanks CBF!!

I want to say since around 2009? I was a member here trading for them around then. I am pretty sure you and I had done some trades. Investment-wise... I am not sure at all. There was a time when I was buying up everything, then another time I was just watching stuff get bought. Now I am somewhere in between. I have only spent over $200 maybe twice. But many under $175. Hard to really say the total though.
(12-19-2015, 10:05 PM)woogie23 Wrote: Holy low numbers batman! Nice collection!
Thanks Woogie. I appreciate that!

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