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FS/FT Pro Debut Auto/GU

FS/FT Pro Debut Auto/GU
Paypal $35 (50% BV) or trade equal BV

2011 Topps Pro Debut (Mint/Pack Fresh)

Solo Signatures:

David Bromberg Blue 25/199
Jesse Biddle
Josh Zeid

Side By Side Autographs

Tanner Robles + Robbie Grossman


Josh Vitters
Tony Sanchez
Domingo Santana
Angel Castillo
Michael Burgess

Also have:
Side By Side Autographs Gold #RV Ryan Adams + Niko Vasquez 5/25

If interested, make an offer, has no BV listed.
Check my org, constantly updating and adding!
Felix Hernandez
Matt Hassellbeck
Shaun Alexander

(Banner in progress)

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