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Anyone down for some late night trades?
I added alot more in my org check it out..............
[Image: Image19.jpg]
[Image: Image14.jpg]
[Image: Image57-4.jpg]
[Image: Image20.jpg]
[Image: Image21.jpg]
Interested in the Kalish Lavarnway and Papelbon. Check my Org.
[Image: BECKETTBanner.jpg]
Trading for: Baseball Rookie Collection NEEDS | Frank Thomas | Ben Tate | Hideo Nomo | Ken Griffey Jr. (SEA uni) | Current Texans
*Wants marked as such* *NOT CURRENTLY TRADING*
(09-25-2011, 01:44 AM)jacobclark04240 Wrote: Interested in the Kalish Lavarnway and Papelbon. Check my Org.
Sorry bud didnt see anything
I would love to pick up that crowe. You want some santana cards?
I have a santana relic not listed. I never list my pc but would do something for trevor
[Image: ge_zpse4f470b2.jpg]
Wanted: Indians, Cavs, Rookies, Inserts,Lebron and Kyrie.
very interested in that triple card with manny arod and ortiz
[Image: banner4_zps7ecf2a69.jpg]

also dez bryant,any bama players in bama uni,john parker wilson,jered weaver,matt kemp,topps triple thread stuff,anthony rizzo
lol i still need those very top 3 cards on your thread. check me if you want
[Image: rm1_zpsecc24267.jpg]
Very interested in the Drabek...let me know if we can do anything....Thank you
Would really like a shot at the Taillon auto. Let me know if we can work something out. Thanks!
[Image: 3XHoG.png][Image: untitled.png]
Collecting:Andrew McCutchen, Duke Snider & Brooklyn Dodgers
Avatar and Banner: jbel4331
I ship on weekends
Nice Maddux
[Image: Griffeynewsig.jpg]
Interested in Musial and the Edmonds.

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