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Permanent mailday and pickup thread
Thursday and Fridays pickups.
[Image: scan0002-34.jpg]
#77/100 This was a hard find for me.
[Image: scan0001-40.jpg]
Gold refractor #23/25
[Image: scan0001-12.jpg]
#76/100 with "Bones" inscription
Saturdays mail, slow day.
[Image: scan0001-58.jpg]
2005 Donruss 'Team Heroes'
Mondays mail
[Image: scan0003-6.jpg]
2011 National Treasures #24/49
[Image: scan0001-59.jpg]
2004 Sweet Spot Classic #185/275. This is his only jersey card and completes my Keller collection.
[Image: scan0002-11.jpg]
2011 National Treasures #72/99
Thursdays small mailday
[Image: scan0001-60-1.jpg]
2002 Upper Deck 'Sp Authentic' SP Chirography Auto #137/418
Friday 09/30 and Saturday 10/01 mailday with a cut.
[Image: scan0004-12-1.jpg]
2004 Donruss Fans Of The Game Meat Loaf Auto
[Image: scan0003-22-1.jpg]
2011 Topps 'Chrome' Black Refractor Auto #81/100. I like the black and blue versions the best
[Image: scan0003-21-1.jpg]
1999 Topps 'Bowman' Auto PSA Graded Mint 9
[Image: scan0001-60-2.jpg]
2004 Upper Deck 'Yankees Classics' Classic Scripts Auto
[Image: scan0002-35-1.jpg]
2000 Upper Deck 'Yankees Legends' Legendary Lumber GU Bat
[Image: scan0020-3.jpg]
2001 Upper Deck 'Legends Of NY' GU Jersey/Auto
[Image: scan0001-2-1.jpg]
2011 Topps 'Series2' GU Jersey
[Image: scan0003-2-1.jpg]
1998 Skybox 'Autographics' Auto
[Image: scan0003-1-1.jpg]
2011 Tri-Star 'Obak' Inspiration Auto #31/50

And Now The Cut
[Image: scan0003-21-2.jpg]
2002 Upper Deck 'SP Legendary Cuts' Bow Shawkey Cut Auto #94/118
Another card from Saturday 10/01
[Image: scan0003-5-1.jpg]
2006 Upper Deck 'SP Game Used' Legendary Fabrics GU Jersey/Auto #49/50
Wednesday 05/10 mailday.
[Image: scan0002-2-1.jpg]
2002 Fleer 'Flair'. This is Mientkewiczs' bat card for my former Yankee player collection, that don't have cards with them pictured or listed as a Yankee.
[Image: scan0001-60-3.jpg]
1998 Upper Deck 'SP Top Prospect' Chirography Auto

Also got an Art Ditmar auto that was listed as NM-Mint, that had scratches all over it, and a dent. Also looked like it had a piece of chewed up cereal stuck on it? Thats getting returned.
Meat Loaf, lol, I always get him confused with the Meat Puppets, remember them? Like the auto tho
[Image: WillTheThrillSig.jpg]
Yeah I remember the Meat Puppets. 2 different generations though, and even though I'm from the Puppets generation, I like "The Loaf" better.
I have about 25 of those Don Larsens Smile
[Image: fredwilliamson.jpg]
The Larsen patch? I just wrote what Beckett listed it as. I'd be interested in some of them.

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