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2 cases of NHL 27 McFarlane from BigBadToyStore

2 cases of NHL 27 McFarlane from BigBadToyStore
On clearance for $60 some bucks sos I order 2. Both Howards were good. Sos were the Ignilias. 1 Turco had his blocker dams near sticking outta the plastic. The other has a crunched top Sad . Phanuefs good. Malkins (all four mind you) had little dinks here and there. Gretzkys seemed to have extra air packaged inside boat of em. First case I opened had CL Malkin 1602 of 2000 looking sharp. Second case had a big crease 1/3 of the top. I thought if I ever got the Great One B.K. style it would be in this caseDodgy SURE ENOUGH Exclamation 117 outta 250 Big Grin Good looking and dare if I say minty!Tongue Scared the bajeezus outta my girl. Jumping around like Patrick Bateman wit a leatherman in my hand.

RE: 2 cases of NHL 27 McFarlane from BigBadToyStore
Always looking for:

Johnny Bower
John Tavares
John De Gray
Unscratched redemptions (low or high-end)
A&G Minis (Check my thread)
Non-sport (Prominent Cuts, Marvel, GPK, Vintage etc..)
Gaming (Pokemon, MTG, Yu-gi-oh, etc..)

Bucket: http://s1185.photobucket.com/albums/z342/staples29/


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