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Thought I'd show this off here too....

Thought I'd show this off here too....
If anyone hasn't noticed.....I'm incredibly excited about picking this up.....I've posted it everywhere haha.....I'm still in shock that I got it so cheap.

So I was browsing eBay looking at cards I THOUGHT I could never afford.....my search was "1948 Spahn" to look at Warren Spahn RCs....so anyway, I came across this beautiful card:

[Image: Screenshot2011-08-27at64425PM.png]

And then I saw the price......$33 WITH FREE SHIPPING.....I bought it immediately.

I know it's in fairly rough condition, but I'm a college student with a very limited budget, so it's all I can afford.....and at that price, I couldn't turn it down.

I also came across this one, and ended up winning the auction at $3.25 + shipping:

[Image: Screenshot2011-08-27at65124PM.png]

It's pretty off-center.....but it's a PC item, and it was a great price, and it has above average corners, so I'm happy to pick both of these up.

It's about time I had some good luck.....how did I do?
[Image: Screenshot2012-08-02at100731PM.png]

RE: Thought I'd show this off here too....
Looks like someone had that taped to their wall for a loooong time. That card has been loved MUCH more than any of them graded NM. While not worth as much, I prefer cards that look like they used to belong to someone who enjoyed it for a long time.

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RE: Thought I'd show this off here too....
I love the RC and the '58 All Star is one of my favs of him. I've got one coming in the mail of Spahn that you'll like. I'll post it when I get it.
Interested in EX-MT or better pre-'56 Cardinals, '53 Bowman Color & '74-'78 Topps.

RE: Thought I'd show this off here too....
Very nice PC pickups! I know exactly what you mean cause I'm a college student too. In a few years, you'll be getting a mint condition one Smile
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RE: Thought I'd show this off here too....
Often I will pick up a card I can afford now when I know I want one in better condition later. Then at least I have one to enjoy until that day comes.

Less than $40? I think you did great. Congratulations!

I appreciate Chicago players that begin competing within the city's sports organizations and stay with these teams throughout their careers.

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