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For Cardinals fan
Since there are many Cardinals fan in the Vintage section. Here is a card, that is not vintage, but with couple of vintage players. It is a PC card, but depending on the offer, I could trade the card away. Honestly, this card is a beauty.
[Image: scan0029.jpg]
That is definitely a beauty, Congrats.
Are you trying to tempt me? Smile
Interested in EX-MT or better pre-'56 Cardinals, '53 Bowman Color & '74-'78 Topps.
Depending on the level of your offer.
(08-27-2011, 10:53 PM)beatles guy Wrote: Are you trying to tempt me? Smile
that is a nice card....i dont think i have anything to trade for it....but still a nice card

I collect Scott Rolen, Tom Brady, St. Louis Cardinals pre 1960 and 2009 topps co
mmemorative patches

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