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Need Help Please

Need Help Please
Ok so I have been researching this all over the web and am having trouble. I have a 1996 Pacific Power Stephon Marbury #PP25. I am unable to tell if its a silver worth 10 or the platinum worth 80. I have seen images on the web and gotten conflicting data. On some sites the Platinums are shown as being substantially more shiny than what they show as being the Silvers. The Marbury I have definitely looks very shiny and not duller like these "Silvers". However when I look at image gallery on here of the Kobe Bryant Silver its the more shiny version with PP6 on the back. I am confused and would like to know what I have. The sites I've seen showing the 2 different versions (shinier and duller) fail to show any back images of the card so I dont know if theres perhaps a difference in the back or the Prefix on the numbering. Maybe it's PS or something? I dunno but anyone who could help I would greatly appreciate it as I am about to list this card on EBAY.

RE: Need Help Please
From the base set page (1996 Pacific Power):

This 54-card set highlights 42 draft picks and 12 pre players. Each pack contained three cards. The card fronts have a foil background with player's name written vertically on the left side of the color player photo. The backs have another photo along with a player biography. Also included in the set are a silver (3:37) and platinum (1:721) parallel to the base set. The platinum cards have sky blue foil treament on the card fronts and a PP prefix on the card numbers. Insert sets include Gold Crown Die Cuts, In the Paint and Jump Ball.
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RE: Need Help Please
I too am confused about this set. My card has a "PP" prefix to the number, but it definitely does not appear to have a sky blue foil treatment for the platinum cards. I've also seen cards that don't have any foil background, what are those? Thanks.

RE: Need Help Please
The pictures on COMC should make it more obvious. Both the silver and platinum have the card number prefix PP (which stands for "Pacific Power", and not "Platinum Power" or "Power Platinum"). Here is a link in case you don't know what COMC is.
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