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Can you add Want list cards in custom registry?

Can you add Want list cards in custom registry?
I am tired of waiting for the red banner of don't update your registry (hello any news!!!) and am going to import all my graded cards. I get how to put them in and add a picture to a custom registry list. What I don't get is what do for cards I don't currently have. Is it even possible? Seems logically you should, otherwise your completion is always 100%. Will the new vaporware registry have this feature?

Here is an example:

I create a custom registry labeled Baseball HOF rookies. I have rookies of Boggs, Sandberg and add them in. However, I do not own a Reggie Jackson RC, but I still want the card listed so I can print the report and check completion progress.

Second example would be non-sports cards registries. If I wanted a registry of all the autos from a particular set, I would like to have them all listed and then start populating it.

Thanks for any insight.

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