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some cool lcs pick ups.....

some cool lcs pick ups.....
was at my lcs a few days ago and picked up some various cool cards....enjoy

[Image: lcs0001.jpg]
[Image: pasttime0010.jpg]
[Image: pasttime0012.jpg]
[Image: lcs0002.jpg]

78 topps...couldn't resist the price...lol

[Image: lcs0003.jpg]
[Image: cyber-1.png]
Collecting CURRENT Raiders....Carr, Mack, Bo, brown ++

RE: some cool lcs pick ups.....
Nice man, I am looking more and more into mid 90's stuff and vintage, always been a recent type card collector. nice pickups!
[Image: IMG_0004-3-1-1-1-1.jpg][Image: dcb5423c-6775-419e-9e21-4965884632ba.jpg]

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