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You have to read this.....

You have to read this.....
This guy on Ebay sent me this message. He wants me to leave feedback before I get the cards

i wanted to know if you cane send a positive feedback to me today PLEASE PLEASE i will send the cards tomm forsure and i add some extra cards and please please its cause i relly need the money PLEASE PLEASE ill give you the tracking and everthing tomm once i send them its cause paypal holds my money until i get a feedback so please if you can lmk thanks PLEASE LMK THANKS!

RE: You have to read this.....
That's eBay's new thing... low feedback causes them to delay receiving payment. He's screwed up in the past. Not feeling confident about things changing, given his rantings in his message to you. Good luck!
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RE: You have to read this.....
WTF? What's this guys overall feedback score and percentage?
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RE: You have to read this.....
I almost feel bad....Paypal holds his money because he has a history of slow shipping. If he really needs the money that bad, that's really sad. I have this picture in the back of my head of a guy waiting to sell a card so he can go buy dinner for his kids. I'm soft, so I'd probably ask him to call me so I could get the low down............

BTW, how much $ is it?
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RE: You have to read this.....
If you do leave the feedback now.....you are really putting all your faith in a guy with a shady record on the bay.
My business side says NO WAY, but my ethical side says to look into it a bit more and after learning more about the situation...make a good decision.

RE: You have to read this.....
Don't do it man... Just make him wait it out...I know it seems mean, but protect yourself...

RE: You have to read this.....
There is probably a reason why he has a low feedback score and if he wants to improve his score he needs to improve his service like same day shipping! I NEVER LEAVE FEEDBACK FOR A SELLER UNTIL I GET POSITIVE FEEDBACK FROM THE SELLER FOR ME!
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RE: You have to read this.....

RE: You have to read this.....
That is strange how he is begging. But I can almost promise he has 100% feedback. I have a restricted eBay account because of 12 slow shipping dings on 325 sales. And 7 high shipping charges ($2 is too high?). eBay will restrict sellers for anything small thing. Just saying.
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RE: You have to read this.....
I would NOT do that. You're basically saying you're happy with the experience before you're even half done. They've admitted they haven't even sent your order out yet..
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