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(08-23-2011, 02:54 PM)gangstippie Wrote: Glad everything is ok at your house. Hope evryone else is good.
thanks man!

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Just wanted to wish everyone the best on the east coast. Not a whole lot going on here in New Mexico, so I guess Im lucky. STAY SAFE EVERYONE
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felt it here north of Toronto ..... hope everyone's okay down there Smile
I just know my cards room didn't like it at all! Those neat piles of sorted cards decided they would all join together and protect each other as they hat the floor. Luckily the ones that hit the floor were all in toploaders and the ones that weren't joined together on my sorting table. Not too mach damage elsewhere but my elderly mother that lives with me said she though the tabletop TV and computer monitor were going to fall over and the cat took off like a flash for the basement.
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Everything is fine in NYC. No injuries reported yet. Everyone's first thought was terrorism until they realized what was going on. Brings back bad memories for us New Yorkers....
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I didn't feel anything while I was at work but my neighbor said she felt it while she was in her house, I stay in Shelby, NC. Hope everybody is ok!
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(08-23-2011, 02:19 PM)mrmagnum75 Wrote: I live in So Cal. The aftershocks are usually worse. I hope all is well out there all.
I've lived in So Cal for the last 22 years, don't agree the aftershocks are usually worse.

If you look at usgs.gov (United State Geological Service) you can see earthquakes over the last hour, day and week. My boss was on the phone to D.C. when it happened. I checked usgs when it happened, nothing had been recorded in the last week, after about 2-3 hours there had been two tiny Magnitude 2ish aftershocks.
As it's been the worst earthquake since 1944, I would not lose sleep, it will be quiet for another 67 years.

California, that's different, we don't get the hurricanes, but earthquakes are always due, survived many of them, Northridge 1994, te ones in northern Mexico last year, it's a way of life, felt a 3.1 last Thursday in Long Beach area where I work, you had to be close to feel the two second shaker.

The 2 points from all of this,
1) Keep the faith, we will all survive, family, friends, pets & card collections.
2) Look after one another, family, friends, pets & card collections.

And if any politician says we can cut back on usgs or early warning tsunami advisories, after Japan earlier this year, volcanoes in Alaska, and earthquakes across the country, I think they are crazy, early warnings when Mother Nature flexs her muscles, they will help to inform people and save lives.

Remember, look after family, friends, pets & card collections, you can sequence them yourselves in order of importance!!!

Jets in 2011, go Plaxico

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