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Who are you collecting?

RE: Who are you collecting?
(08-22-2011, 10:54 AM)biglump007 Wrote: Any rams, any bucs, Matt Schaub, ect, ect, ect
Not ANY Bucs, and really not ANY Rams either! I've got my standards!
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RE: Who are you collecting?
Well I collect the 2010 Sp Authentic set I'm currently working on these subsets

Base: Complete
Rookie patch autos: need 1
Rookie autos: need 6
Rookies: complete
Championship patch autos: need 4
Chirography single autos: need 10
College pride autos: need 14
Sign of the times single autos: need 12

I am also building the 2010 Freshman Fabric set for my wife I need 2
Dexter McCluster
Jonathan Dwyer

And I collect KC Chiefs mainly Tyson Jackson, Javier Arenas, Justin Houston, and Eric Berry. But I am trying to get a few nice autos, a few nice patches, and a 1/1 of everyone who has played for the chiefs.
[Image: 4E727BD9-orig.jpg]

Tyson Jackson
Total Cards - 469/638 - 74 %
Autos - 164/249 - 66 %
Mems - 221/280 - 79 %
RC - 38/38 - 100 %
1/1s - 21
Total Tyson Jackson Cards Including Dupes 641

RE: Who are you collecting?
I collect DJ Shockley, Rennie Curran, Thomas Brown, Knowshon Moreno, Matthew Stafford, Mohamed Massaquoi, and AJ Green. As you can tell Im a UGA fan! Im always on the prowl for cards of these players. If you have some to trade hit me up!

RE: Who are you collecting?
Currently i'm putting together a collection of my all time favorite Tarheels, Autos and RC's.

RE: Who are you collecting?
San Diego Chargers. Current stars, 2011 rookies (probably done with them unless there's some sick cards I want), ex-stars, and Hall of Famer's.

RE: Who are you collecting?
i just got back into collecting but my interest are jelix jones and dez bryant. Anything else that i may hit will be for either sale or trade to grow a collection of dez and felix until i find some other cards i will be interested in collecting.
[Image: Dmurray29.jpg]
PC: Dez Bryant, Felix Jones, Demarco Murray.

RE: Who are you collecting?
my main focus is my Elway PC then Terrell Davis then any and all Denver Bronco's also been trying to collect former Boise State player's and starting Jake plummer PC as well but Elway is my main focus which is getting harder to trade for...
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RE: Who are you collecting?
Kurt Warner

[Image: ceocards6copy.png]

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RE: Who are you collecting?
The 2011 New York Jets, and Jets autos to fill gaps in the collection, and missing parallels & inserts from years past.

Closing in on 900 different Jets autos, I think I'm addicted to Jets cards.

RE: Who are you collecting?
I collect cats.

And any football cards serial numbered 34/xx. Wink
I like cards serial numbered 34/xx
[Image: RD1.jpg]
Still working on 2009 Topps Magic Autos

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