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Giant SHOUT to Duchovny2!!

Giant SHOUT to Duchovny2!!
[Image: img222.jpg]

Check out the August Freebie thread at the top... Holy cow Duch, you've really done it this time.

And to tempt a few of you that are too lazy to open another thread:

[Image: img220.jpg]

[Image: img218.jpg]

[Image: img214.jpg]
I like cards serial numbered 34/xx
[Image: RD1.jpg]
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RE: Giant SHOUT to Duchovny2!!
Sweet freebies! Congrats!

RE: Giant SHOUT to Duchovny2!!
GREAT looking cards Wendy!!! Once again you've done an awesome job of hookin up a fellow Beckett member Duch Smile

RE: Giant SHOUT to Duchovny2!!
wow, that is a TON of 34s! congrats! Smile
[Image: Avcnw.png]
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