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More people getting into vintage?

RE: More people getting into vintage?
I always love the "old timers" of baseballs greats from the yesteryear. I was never able to afford any older cards until recently. I'll take vintage over any modern card anyday.
Looking to complete the 2013 Archives Mets fan favorite Au's (Just need Ron Darling) and 2014 Topps Gypsy Queen set mini base + SPs. Also working on 2015 Topps Chrome and updates. Please note that if you have less than 15 trades, I ask that you send first.

RE: More people getting into vintage?
The modern era has been pretty much destroyed for me with prospecting, game used, serial numbers, and guaranteed hits. Chasing rare vintage of legends is alot more exciting than hoping I pull a semi decent game used out of a $100 box.

RE: More people getting into vintage?
(08-19-2011, 10:51 AM)beatles guy Wrote: I too collected a lot of vintage growing up. I guess it started when a neighbor gave me a lunch sack filled with late 60's, early 70's stuff.

As for the switch to vintage lately, I've noticed it big time. There were very few gimmicks like with today's cards. You can pick up a nice vintage star card for the same price as a pack of today's cards in which you might not get anything (that includes GU, sticker autos, diamonds, redemptions, etc). Topps has went quickly downhill and lacks any imagination or creativity. People can keep on throwing their money at them looking for a "hit". I'll just throw my money at a sure thing.
Amen to this entire post

RE: More people getting into vintage?
I got back into card collecting as I wanted to give my unborn child a set from when they were born (due November 23rd). I find the new stuff hard to follow, there are so many 'inserts' and alternate cards to follow. The autograph cards are worth a ton of money. Anyways I will stick with the topps for now but I did dig up my old cards and decided to start collecting my home town team (go Jays). I do like collecting these as there is not a whack load per year.

Also I just picked up a 1959 Roger Maris card, now this is like gold since my Dad recalls going to his Grandfathers house to watch the world series, now thats history.

RE: More people getting into vintage?
I am 25, and I am collecting almost strictly vintage right now. with the exception of 3 things. Dallas cowboys, HOF Rookie Cards (which a lot are vintage anyway,) and HOFer Autographs. I am mostly trading for those though. Out of my last 10 purchases, I think 8 are vintage. I have grown bored of Game used cards, unless they are really special.
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Baseball HOFers: Autos, Vintage and Rookies
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