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10/11 SPA Case Break

RE: 10/11 SPA Case Break
I could take some of those FW autos off your hands if you plan on doing some fall cleaning? haha
[Image: ducksbann.png]

2010-11 SP Authentic Future Watch Autos 30/62 = 48.38%
Cam Fowler Count: 32

Photobucket Link

RE: 10/11 SPA Case Break
(08-16-2011, 03:53 PM)jason1980 Wrote: I did indeed. I have another two pending/somewhere between upper deck and my house! haha! At least one out of three gotta be good hey?
hope it is a great card for your pc!! I seen the list and it looks nice
using tracking numbers (all US and some Can)

RE: 10/11 SPA Case Break
I've gone back and forth on collecting the set or not. Ducks we were talkin before...have a look at my organize and maybe we can look at working something out again.

RE: 10/11 SPA Case Break
Very nice case. Do you have any scans?
Collecting Anton Lander and Mark Arcobello

RE: 10/11 SPA Case Break
the "adam" rookie you have is that luke adams, if it is id love to send you an offer

RE: 10/11 SPA Case Break
Nice break!!! If you have some of them I would like to trade to add them to my PC.

Still missing:

2010-11 SP Authentic :

[Image: kingkardzlogo.jpg]
59 sets = 13 completed and 46 in progress (25 sets over 90% done)

PC collection 21112/23621

Send me trade offers !!!

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