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Looking A&G Flocculence and Fortunes mini's
Finished all the other mini inserts today, just need 9 more Flocculence and 8 more Fortunes mini's, willing to buy if the price is right..
I guess I can trade for a couple more days LOL
[Image: NYNMRXJ.png]
Just grabbed one more Fortunes mini, still need #'s 1, 3, 5, 6, 7, 9, 10
Thanks to jwest who seems to have the skills at pulling the tough mini's from Ginter
[Image: NYNMRXJ.png]
I love those cards, both sets. I have one of each. The Money Pit and Thunder Chops not sure of the #s. I like to think I will complete the sets but at the rate I am going it will take a decade, lol. I still only have 3 of the snakes from 2007 and 3 of the Inventions from 2009. These are 10 CARD SETS!! Yikes.

Good luck bud, I know I can count on you to finish them and post for me to see.

LF 1934/1936 Diamond Stars
05 Turkey Red SPs
13 Turkey Red
12 Archives Au's
12 Archives Gold
13 Finest Master Set
Ginter mini Snakes/Fortunes/Beards/Hats/Bikes
I have chops
Looking for Mike Trout, Aaron Judge and Derek Jeter...

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