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High End Trade Thread (SCANS)
Lets make some trades to take my mind off the Platinum Case I have coming Sad Sad Sad

Some card I NEED:

2010 Topps Chrome USA autos
Tyler Anderson
Kyle Winkler

Red Sox Autos (Lester, Gonzalez, Crawford, Ortiz, Beckett, Pedroia)
Logan Morrison Autos (That I do not have) 2011 Topps, 2008 Prime Cuts, 2008 Elite, 2008 Playoff Contenders,

Nick Markakis Autos (That I do not have) 2011 Gypsy Queen, 2007 Triple Threads, 2008 UD Ultimate GU/AU, 2008 Triple Threads, 2007 Turkey Red, 2009 Ultimate Collection, 2009 Piece of History GU/AU,

Prince Fielder Letterman AU
Dustin Pedroia Elite RC AU
Chris Archer Platinum AU
Andrew Miller SP Authentic Letterman AU
Yovanni Gallardo SP AUthentic Letterman AU
Aramis Ramirez SP Authentic Letterman AU
Dan Haren Letterman AU
Chad Billingsley SP Authentic Letterman AU
Eddie Murray AU
Anthony Rizzo Bowman Chrome AU
CC Sabathia 2011 Tribute or 2010 Triple Threads AU
Barry Bonds AU

I am looking for these cards for the autos I already have, hoping to upgrade to them
Rod Carew GU/AU
Ryne Sandberg GU/AU
Jim Palmer GU/AU
Tony Gwynn GU/AU

Also for trade **INCOMING**
2006 Special Endorsements Chase Utley AUTO

[Image: scan0022-3.jpg]
[Image: scan0023-3.jpg]
[Image: scan0024-3.jpg]
[Image: scan0025-3.jpg]
[Image: scan0026-3.jpg]
[Image: scan0027-2.jpg]
[Image: scan0028-2.jpg]
[Image: scan0029-3.jpg]
[Image: scan0030-3.jpg]
[Image: scan0031-4.jpg]
[Image: scan0032-3.jpg]
[Image: scan0033-2.jpg]
[Image: scan0034-2.jpg]
[Image: scan0035-2.jpg]
[Image: scan0036-3.jpg]
[Image: scan0037-3.jpg]
[Image: scan0038-2.jpg]
[Image: scan0039-2.jpg]
If you are going to ship in a plain white envelope, please let me know before shipping unless agreed upon beforehand.

If you do not have more than 25 trades, you are sending first! Or else,

check me for the cc please im adding more cards to my org tonight so let me know what you want, thanks!

I got some stuff for you...
My PC's:
2009 spx game jersey autos
2000 yankee legends legendary lumber
HOF GU and autos
I really like those 2 Jennings cards
[Image: Heyward.jpg]

Check me for the Ryan Braun auto...
check me for the ortiz goldschmidt hellickson daniel hudson stras josh reddick banaulos tabata harper usa
[Image: banner4_zps7ecf2a69.jpg]

also dez bryant,any bama players in bama uni,john parker wilson,jered weaver,matt kemp,topps triple thread stuff,anthony rizzo
I could use the braun too, not sure if i have what youre looking for but tke a look and lmk
pm sent
cmb i like the sandberg,carew and killebrew
(07-28-2011, 04:04 PM)john1580 Wrote: I could use the braun too, not sure if i have what youre looking for but tke a look and lmk
Back off John! Go after your bat barrels!lol

Put me in line for the Braun.
(07-28-2011, 04:54 PM)ne12bc12 Wrote: pm sent
that is a NASTY sig! Very awesome!

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