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Panini Mailday *Kobe Auto*

Panini Mailday *Kobe Auto*
So, I took pics but am having trouble uploading them to my photobucket. Once that is resolved I'll post the pics. For now, here's the YT video of me busting it.


Redeemed this on 11/4/10 and received it on 7/14/11, only 8 months. It's an on-card auto after I discovered there is no sticker, just a faded box that Panini made to help guide the player where to sign. I'm happy with it even though Kobe signed a little outside the box, he signed nicely. But man, that was some sick box of 10'11 Limited....John Wall on-card auto /99 and this Kobe auto /25.....sick. I picked a good one that day!!
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RE: Panini Mailday *Kobe Auto*
Thats a sweet lookin card! Nice pulls ;-)

RE: Panini Mailday *Kobe Auto*
you lucky ****
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4) Carmelo Anthony
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6) Chauncey Billups

RE: Panini Mailday *Kobe Auto*
Sweet... Card, congrats-
WANTED: Indian Larry American Biker Auto
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