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contest for a 1975 topps nolan ryan

RE: contest for a 1975 topps nolan ryan
I would like to say that I would give the ball back to Jeter. They guy is a great player and seems to be a real good guy. With that said, this economy sucks. My wife has had her job cut and I dont think I could pass up the opportunity to cash in and ease some of the financial burden. She would have my head on a platter if I did give it back. In a perfect world where money was not that important to me I can honestly say I would give it back in a heartbeat without asking for anything. Unfortunately we dont live in a perfect world.

Thanks to the OP for the contest.
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RE: contest for a 1975 topps nolan ryan
I would have sold it. I know that's not the best thing to do, but how could you possibly pass up that much money? It'd somehow end up with him, anyway. (Or maybe Marc Ecko)
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RE: contest for a 1975 topps nolan ryan
Me I would throw the ball back in the field. It would have held up the game a few minutes and I might have got thrown out of the stadium but it would have been worth it just knowing Jeter got his 3,000th hit ball.

With 250,000.00 at one time I probley be miserable because people would start calling me (family,friends,brokers, and credit card companies ) wanting money and I wouldnt get a moment in piece.

I havent seen the hit yet, and I dont know what happened due to me being at work and working 18-20 hrs a day. So what happened to the ball if you dont mind me asking.
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RE: contest for a 1975 topps nolan ryan
The only thing i would ask in return is maybe have a catch with Jeter and/or get to play in a major league game. Hell i'll even accept an open invitation to training camp for a minor league team to work my way up and get the big call. I still to this day wanto to find a way to try out for an outfit for either the phillies, mets or yanks (i live NJ so.. yeah)
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RE: contest for a 1975 topps nolan ryan

i would take it on a journey for 1 year, taking it to malls around the tri-state area, so that every yankee fan could get a close look at it. the ball would travel to select "yankee hot spots" across the country as well. i would put up a suggested donation box, so if people wanted to donate, they could. that money would to the jimmy fund/dana farber via www.project-cupid.org

then i would do one of two things:
1. give the ball to the hall of fame
2. blow the ball up (hey, i am a red sox fan)

okay, probably number 1

RE: contest for a 1975 topps nolan ryan
I would be ok with meeting Jeter and getting a few autographs but I would definitly want to throw out a first pitch at one of their games.
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RE: contest for a 1975 topps nolan ryan
I would have likely given him the ball in hopes he would recognize I gave up a lot of coin. I am sure he got some nice things in return, but it was a little dissapointing that Jeter did not throw in some cash.
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RE: contest for a 1975 topps nolan ryan
I would have sold it. Highest bidder gets it. I have not been hit by the economy, I don't have a bunch of debt, but $250k is $250k and I hate the Yankees. Maybe I am greedy, but that thing would have gone to auction inside of a week. I could say I would have given it back to Jeter.... but I'd be lying.
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RE: contest for a 1975 topps nolan ryan
or i would ask to be able to play at yankeed stadium on there away games like 2 times a year, i would take golf balls and aluminum baseball bat stand at home plate, and hit some monster home runs, i have always wanted to do that in a major league stadium it would be so fun

RE: contest for a 1975 topps nolan ryan
(07-11-2011, 09:41 PM)southpaugh2002 Wrote: I was so moved by the fans kind gesture during his gathering of derek jeters 3000th hit that i want to do a contest for it. The contest being "what would you have done if you were in his shoes", me personally would have did the same thing. I heard the ball was estimated at $250,000, so his act of of kindness was very moving. I'm looking for what you would have done and why if you were the one who got his 3,000th ball. All honesty is appreciated. Here is the prize:

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Im going to end this contest at 12 midnight central time and then ill pick a winner then if im still up, if not, ill anounce the winner in the morning. I like everybodys honesty, thanks for sharing Thomas


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