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contest for a 1975 topps nolan ryan

RE: contest for a 1975 topps nolan ryan
I would personally give it back to Jeter without expecting anything more than a little chat and an auto. I heard from too many people that more money brings more problems. What's going to be more rewarding to tell your kids, that Daddy sold a ball he caught for 250,000 and then show them a void check, or that Daddy got to talk with one of the greatest players of all-time and then show them the auto'ed baseball .
I collect 1977-Present Baseball of any team, especially the Braves (NL) and the Red Sox (AL). Considering an expansion into vintage. I am slowly adding cards and wants to my org.

RE: contest for a 1975 topps nolan ryan
I am a huge Jeter fan but in all honesty I would of sold it. I would of first offered it to Derek Jeter. I would of asked half the value it was appraised at gave the IRS $25,000 and kept the other $100,000 for myself. Sorry that is too much just to give away. I could always use the cash.
Derek Jeter Collector from 1992-1996. 305 out of 306 99% complete.

1450/1919 1990's Jeter cards 76%

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RE: contest for a 1975 topps nolan ryan
Looks like I missed the deadline but: I'd give it back. Jeter might be a thrillionare who made more today than i will this year, but he worked for all those hits. I'd be worried that it would start feeling like I was holding the last piece of his hard-fought accomplishment hostage.
Granted, I don't have kids to support, so I can still afford to follow the basic tenet of when you get, you should give.

RE: contest for a 1975 topps nolan ryan
I understand that balls hit into the crowd are yours to keep and you aren't obligated to return them. Although fans make up a large part of the game, the players do too. They are the ones that show up every day and live the tough life to traveling 2/3 of the year and playing almost every night. I think when a player obtains such an accomplishment like 3000 hits, they should deserve to get that one one ball returned to them. The ball is more a part of their life and career than it would be the random person who gets it. I would return it and ask for nothing in return.

RE: contest for a 1975 topps nolan ryan
I would have given the ball back to the pitcher
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