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Hello everyone! I have been collecting autographs for about 15 years, and as I'm sure you understand, I just have too much stuff! I'm actually trying to raise a little money to take my brother on a fishing trip as a wedding present too, so I decided to sell off some of my extra stuff. I have listed over 200 cards in my organize and listed them pretty cheap. I also attached a photo of some of them.

In my organize, the cards are under "Autographed cards". Please note that in the organize you will just see the generic version of the card. If you would like to see any specific signed ones, please let me know and send me your email and I'll email you a picture. Please look over my stuff and let me know if you are interested in any! I would greatly appreciate your help!

Thanks!!! Quinn

PS I would trade for wrestling, Detroit Tigers, University of Michigan, or other Detroit sports memorabilia cards or autographs!

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