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Trade question

Trade question
I have a quick question. I just completed my first 3 trades on here (they went awesome by the way) and when completing the feedback part I did not leave any comments but I noticed all 3 other trades did.

I was just wondering if I am wrong for not leaving any comments? All 3 trade went great but I don't want to get off to a bad start on here if it is better to leave comments.

Also, I really like the trading so check my trade list to see if there is anything that you want! I am looking for Heyward, Freeman, Lincecum, and Desmond Jennings.

Thanks for reading.

RE: Trade question
Dude...leave feedback...it helps out when people check...it really does...

RE: Trade question
I almost always leave comments, but when I'm looking at other people's profiles, I don't mind if there aren't comments because if there was anything wrong with the trade they would have said so, so it probably went fine.
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RE: Trade question
It's always better to leave feedback whenever possible. If it was fast shipping and the cards were all good, then say something like "Excellent trade with fast shipping".
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RE: Trade question
Thanks guys for the responses. I will start leaving comments from now on.

RE: Trade question
you can go back and leave feedback still. you really should.
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