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Lets See some superfractors!!!

Lets See some superfractors!!!
I've decided to try and start a rainbow and what better way to start then with the hardest card! Show me your superfractors for trade or sell and let's see what happens!

PS: I'm hoping to find Brewers or NL central superfractors but will be very happy with any

RE: Lets See some superfractors!!!
I have a partial rainbow for trade, the Super was labeled by Beckett as an X Fractor (they screwed up).
[Image: GallSuperScan.jpg]
[Image: GallOrangeScan.jpg]
[Image: GallBlueScan.jpg]
[Image: GallXScan.jpg]
[Image: GallRegScan.jpg]

RE: Lets See some superfractors!!!
what do you have for trade?
[Image: newbanner_zps2f5eedb8.jpg]
Collect: Aaron Rodgers, Mike Evans, & Felix Hernandez,
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RE: Lets See some superfractors!!!
my sig...
I collect current Braves and Braves Prospects Autograph, Memorabilia, First Year and Rookie Cards.

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