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Would anyone have a guess why these 2 pitchers have had their card prices go down? I guess they only have double didgit wins and ERA's are are under 2.50 and WHIP is close to 1.000. I realize that their pitching is somewhat "suspect" and that they are probably "new" to baseball and don't require any respect. Why would anyone do this?

RE: Halladay/Weaver
"Anyone" is the card pricing god I assume?
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RE: Halladay/Weaver
I wondered that myself.Last year Halladay pitched a perfect game,a no-hitter in the playoffs,and won a Cy Young award.Still his card prices went down.I have been buying alot of his cards lately,maybe thats the reason they went down.

RE: Halladay/Weaver
just wait a while on Halladay, his cards will start climbing up soon.
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