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9th Art Piece

9th Art Piece
Hey guys,
Here's my 9th art piece. (#1 Michael Vick, #2 Emmitt Smith, #3 Drew Brees, #4 Adrian Peterson, #5 Dan Marino, #6 Brian Urlacher, #7 Antonio Gates, #8 Colts Champs)

Had a great time on vacation but I'm back now. This portrait was one of the 1st one's that I did so forgive the rawness. But it had the American flag in it. Had to pick it! Have a great 4th of July! See you next Friday.


RE: 9th Art Piece
thats awesome just not the right player lol its all about josh freeman
Betts Hursh Kimbrel Smile

[Image: bd2740c1-d591-4332-b7b1-0528f205c994_zpsdbff6c02.jpg]

RE: 9th Art Piece
Looks nice...pm sent too.

RE: 9th Art Piece
Very nice! Can't wait to see your Steve Young Smile
Currently trying to build 2010 Gridiron Kings
I collect Steve Young, Manny Lawson, Roger Craig and most things Niners.

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