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FT/FS Make offer

FT/FS Make offer
I am looking at selling or trading these 10 cards or any other one in my org so make a offer

[Image: FTorFS001-1.jpg]
[Image: FTorFS002.jpg]
[Image: FTorFS003.jpg]
[Image: FTorFS004.jpg]
[Image: FTorFS005.jpg]
[Image: FTorFS006.jpg]
[Image: FTorFS007.jpg]
[Image: FTorFS008.jpg]
[Image: FTorFS009.jpg]
[Image: FTorFS010.jpg]

RE: FT or FS Make offer
Check me for the Ginobili
[Image: Banner_zpsdfc1db81.jpg]
PC Team: San Antonio Spurs
PC Players: David Robinson & Tim Duncan


RE: FT/FS Make offer
I think i need those kobes
Players I Collect:

[Image: NewBanner_zps183e3df7.jpg][/URL]

Henderson Auto PC Stats:
Non 1/1's Autos: 193/202 95.5%
1/1's: 22/37 59.5%
Jersey #'d - 65

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