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Adrenalyn XL Sigs FS/FT With Scans!!
Adrenalyn XL Sigs FS/FT With Scans!!
So I want to get rid of these and I need a little money so these are for sale or trade. Would prefer to Sell. Will post the price and these will be shown from the most to the least. Thanks for looking! Just Pm me and let me know. All these prices have already included shipping(in a bubble envelope)These arent autographs just really nice inserts! If you want more than 1 i'll recalculate the price so u still only pay for 1 shipping cost.

Kevin Durant $15
[Image: KevinDurantSigextra.jpg]

Dwight Howard $8
[Image: DwightHowardSigextra.jpg]

Iguodala and Granger ultimate sig $7.50
[Image: AndreIUltimateSig.jpg][Image: GrangerUltimateSig.jpg]

Chris Paul and Deron Williams $7.00 each(cant find the Paul scan lol but it looks like the rest)
[Image: DeronWilliamsSigextra.jpg]

Tim Duncan,Chris Bosh and Amare $5.75
[Image: TimDuncanSigextra.jpg] [Image: BoshSigextra.jpg]
[Image: AmareSigextra.jpg]

The Rest 3.75 Each.
[Image: AISigextra.jpg]
[Image: ArenasSigextra.jpg]
[Image: DevinharrisSigextra.jpg]
[Image: ArenasUltimateSig.jpg]
[Image: JoeJohnsonSigextra.jpg]
[Image: KevinMartinSigextra.jpg]
[Image: NateRobinsonSigextra.jpg]

RE: Adrenalyn XL Sigs FS/FT With Scans!!
anyone? lol

RE: Adrenalyn XL Sigs FS/FT With Scans!!
I have a question if you don't mind. Which ones are the Extra Signature version and which ones are the Ultimate Signature? I got 10 free packs recently and pulled a LeBron Sig but I'm not sure which variation it is. thanks

RE: Adrenalyn XL Sigs FS/FT With Scans!!
Depends which year. I know this 09-10 the ultimate doesnt have their picture in the background but instead is just a shiny silver with the NBA logo. I gathered this from eBay and from the pack odds. I pulled I think 4 of the Ultimates from 100 packs. which was right on the odds while the extra signatures I had a lot more of which u can see from above. I hope this helped ya!Not sure about this years version if its 10-11 but you can check some pictures on ebay to see which is which probably

RE: Adrenalyn XL Sigs FS/FT With Scans!!
Cool, that does help. Thanks alot man, much appreciated!

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