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Help Pricing Slade Heathcott Red Ref

RE: Help Pricing Slade Heathcott Red Ref
agree $50-$60 on the low end and around $75 on the high end tops. As others have said you are basically selling the fact that he's a Yankees prospect with key work being prospect. He's on any other team and he's a $25-$30 card all day long.

RE: Help Pricing Slade Heathcott Red Ref
[quote='krn001' pid='1594261' dateline='1308889205']
Anyone able to get me in the approximate range what trade value i should put on this red refractor? It's # to 5 but i'm not going to be like those ebayers that try to claim the 1/1 crap for watever reason. I watched ebay since i pulled this last year & haven't seen any Slade Heathcott red ref listed.
Appreciate any thoughts on either this card or on red refractors in general from the 2010 Bowman. Since the OPG has N/A on pricing i hope any $$ estimates don't violate any TOS as we're not quoting the price guide.
I can't seem to get crisp pics on refractors.

I resized the card & now it don't show, i'll have to fix that. Wouldn't the red have a higher value than the gold which is #/50?

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