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Show me your Kobe PC

RE: Show me your Kobe PC
Here are a the highlights of my Kobe cards.....Enjoy

[Image: K99K25.jpg]
[Image: K25.jpg]
[Image: K06-07FinestRefractor.jpg]
[Image: img576.jpg]
[Image: img575.jpg]
[Image: img574.jpg]
[Image: img573.jpg]
[Image: img572.jpg]
[Image: img571.jpg]
[Image: img570.jpg]

[Image: P1010031.jpg]
[Image: P1010020.jpg]
[Image: P1010013.jpg]
[Image: P1010009.jpg]
[Image: P1010005.jpg]
[Image: P1010003.jpg]
[Image: P1010001.jpg]
[Image: KobeBryant2003SPSigAuthSigPSA10.jpg]
[Image: KOBEBRYANTBGS95X2.jpg]
[Image: PrestigeBreak09-10007.jpg]

[Image: img077.jpg]
[Image: KobeBryant09-10NationalTreasures4of25008.jpg]
[Image: KOBEMETAL.jpg]
[Image: EXQUISITECASE1Kobe-LebronDualIns-1.jpg]
[Image: img003b.jpg]
[Image: KOBEDAILYNEWS001.jpg]
[Image: KOBEDAILYNEWS002.jpg]
[Image: gal_kobe-2.jpg]
[Image: gal_kobe-4.jpg]

RE: Show me your Kobe PC
That is a NASTY Kobe collection! Unreal! Love the Exquisite with the MSG inscription! LeBron could never be as good as Kobe no matter how hard he tried! Mamba = 2nd best player ever IMO!!!

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