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Auto or ?
Won a contest on another site of guess how many inserts the guy would get bustin a box of 2011 Series II...One of the cards he sent was a 1953 Marty Marion 302 that looks like it was signed with a blue sharpie...There is nothing on the card that I can find that says it is an certified auto or anything.
Is the card just a photo copy or an actual auto?

anyone have an idea?
Looking for ...
1)autos of Gwynn, Headley, Venable, as well as Chargers... Gates, and Rivers.
2) autos/gu'd of Baldelli, Zobrist, rare Red Soxs
3) HOF autos, game-used and #<50

Trade Sites

like this? Try the other baseball board, this one is for talking about MLB, the other one is about cards
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Collecting Reds and A's (especially Joey Votto, Bronson Arroyo, and Josh Reddick)

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