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selling a ton of cards ADVICE

selling a ton of cards ADVICE
So i have thousands and thousands of cards that i need to discard and i need to know if some of you sell on ebay and if you know of anything that works for you. i though about just setting flames to them but i dont want to do that out of respect for the hobby but i dont think i have the time to go through them and put the sets together and discard the rest. Any info will be much appreciated considering that i would like to sell them to put the money into better products.

RE: selling a ton of cards ADVICE
If you are not going to sort/organize Do not bother with eBay. Your best bet is Craigslist but I hate to say it a buyer not seeing any great cards up front will prob only pay 100 maybe a bit more if they are older..

RE: selling a ton of cards ADVICE
Oh man the thought of you trashing all those cards doesn't bear thinking about. E bay is such a gamble when selling. If you haven't got the time to organize and sort them, why not bundle some together and sell them as "mystery bundles"? That way you get some money back and maybe a new collector walks away with a good deal!! Just a thought.

RE: selling a ton of cards ADVICE
All I can say is one man's trash is another man's treasure. I have sold junk GU and auto's for 4 times as much as I thought I'd get. If you can get a buck a card and cover your shipping, it's worth it. I have spent thousands on the hobby and I have a ton memo and auto cards that will just sit in a box forever. I expect to make enough by the end of summer to pay for our new bedroom furniture that my wife just bought. It's a little work, but worth it.
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RE: selling a ton of cards ADVICE
What years? Any possibility there are any Steve Youngs?
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I collect Steve Young, Manny Lawson, Roger Craig and most things Niners.

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