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My Eagles auto pc. 68 and counting!

RE: My Eagles auto pc. 68 and counting!
Nice collection-
WANTED: Indian Larry American Biker Auto
[Image: 1393873061.jpg]

RE: My Eagles auto pc. 68 and counting!
Have any Packers for trade?
[Image: newbanner_zps2f5eedb8.jpg]
Collect: Aaron Rodgers, Mike Evans, & Felix Hernandez,
"2 rules for success. #1 Dont tell them everything you know."
Big Grin 
RE: My Eagles auto pc. 68 and counting!
(06-18-2011, 09:00 PM)jncdrew Wrote: I would have if I would have saw it before Deuce, lol! Absolutely disgusting! Big Grin Btw, if you still want those 5 or 6 from me, PLEASE come get them out of my PC, I cant stand the sight of them! Smile
Always willing to take someones Eagle trash. Still don't have much in Cowboys for ya though. They're given to my uncle who doesn't even collect cards. MY brother gets all my Steelers. They both have nice collections because of me.

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