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unclaimed mail?

unclaimed mail?
Hey all, from my post office I just received an envelope back that I sent out over two months ago to an eBuyer in the US. On both sides it is stamped 'unclaimed'.

What does unclaimed mean? I always send my cards out with a tracking number, but that only works for within Europe. Once it arrives in the US it doesn't track any further. I can't imagine that they tried to deliver in-hand and that they took it back to the post office because of no-one home; understanding that the USPS system does not recognize the European tracking system they would simply put it in the mail box, right?


RE: unclaimed mail?
USPS will take it to the persons door if you had signature confirmation. If it was unclaimed I'm guessing that the person didn't sign for it.
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RE: unclaimed mail?
thats weird? did the ebayer ever contact you saying they didnt get the package?
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RE: unclaimed mail?
(06-18-2011, 10:17 AM)pingbling23 Wrote: thats weird? did the ebayer ever contact you saying they didnt get the package?
Yes he did. About a month ago, which was a month after despatch, he claimed not received. I explained there are currently significant delays in Spanish stuff getting to US (according to my post office)
and asked to hold on for a while. He got back to me about a week or so ago asking for a refund or another copy of the card. I sent him a new card a few days ago... Just before I got this one back..

If it turns out he didn't bother to pick up the envelope from his post office, I've now spent twice on shipping because of his negligence :S ...


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