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Trailer for the new movie "Moneyball" starring Brad Pitt.

Interested in EX-MT or better pre-'56 Cardinals, '53 Bowman Color & '74-'78 Topps.
Finally the A's getting some attention Smile

And I keep on procrastinating on reading the book. I'll do it this summer...maybe
[Image: yrBtR.png]
Collecting Reds and A's (especially Joey Votto, Bronson Arroyo, and Josh Reddick)
Stephen Bishop as David Justice. As long as he can play the part of a jerk, he should do a good job. Never was a fan of Mr. Justice.

Good pick with Brad Pitt as Billy Beane though. I think it'll be a good flick.
[Image: mdavison.jpg]
[Image: PCcards001.jpg]
Saw it attached to The Green Lantern and it looks like a fun rainy afternoon movie on On Demand but not really something I'd go see on the big screen.
I read the book a few years ago. Definitely worth reading. Get on it!!!
[Image: BeckettSig.jpg]
I collect: Jeff Bagwell, and have Biggio, Berkman, Oswalt, Billy Wagner, some Pence and Clemens to trade for his cards

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