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Grading a Questionable Ed Norton Autograph

Grading a Questionable Ed Norton Autograph
Hey, I just bought a 2008 Rittenhouse The Incredible Hulk Movie Expansion Card Set on ebay - with each set costing around $225 and having two autograph cards (Edward Norton and Lou Ferrigno) and six costume cards (Norton, Tim Roth, Liv Tyler, William Hurt, Tim Blake Nelson, and Ty Burrell). There are only 375 sets.

Info and Picture of the set here: http://scifihobby.com/products/marvel/incrediblehulk/

The card backs are sparse and just say "this is a costume card worn by _____" or "This limited edition card has been personally signed by ____." There are the traditional company logos on the bottom.

Now I get mine and I open it. I emailed Rittenhouse to insure that this was, in fact, a real set and that this WASN'T a facsimile autograph for Norton. They said that they did, indeed, have such a set and they really did get Norton to sign 375 cards, one for each set.

So I'm looking at this autograph. And it all seems too good to be true, really. I mean, the ONLY "official" Edward Norton auto?? You would think that something like this would be going for a lot more. I mean, come on. POSTERS go for around $100-$150 if they're authenticated. I take a close look at the autograph. Now I've never tried this before and I won't even pretend I can tell a real auto from a fake, but the blue ink looks too glossy. But it IS from Rittenhouse and it was in the Rittenhouse unopened clear wrapper when I received it from the Ebay seller.

My question is this. I have about two weeks of Ebay buyer protection to call foul if this is a fake Norton autograph - either by the ebay seller's design or by Rittenhouse itself. I want to get the Norton autograph verified. Can I send it to be graded by Beckett and have them authenticate it? Or does Beckett only look at the quality of the autograph rather than the authenticity? Would they send it back if they thought it was a fake? How can I tell if it's a fake?

Anyway, thanks in advance for any answers you might provide? All help is much appreciated!

- Joe

RE: Grading a Questionable Ed Norton Autograph
Here is the picture of the card. Thanks!


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