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topps diamond giveaway

RE: topps diamond giveaway
Ive unlocked 10 cards, 11 rings and still am not eligible for the 10$ gift card.

What the hell is going on? Topps support doenst help either@!
If you are going to ship in a plain white envelope, please let me know before shipping unless agreed upon beforehand.

If you do not have more than 25 trades, you are sending first! Or else,


RE: topps diamond giveaway
Do you have any duplicate rings? On the little meter thing, it only counts unique rings, not total. Try doing some trading and that should help you out.

RE: topps diamond giveaway
Yeah! Just pulled a 1959 Bob Gibson RC in the Diamond Giveaway. I also pulled an Ernie Banks Diamond Die Cut a few days ago.
Collecting: Jeff Odgers, Patrick Marleau

RE: topps diamond giveaway
I was putting in my codes the other night and to my surprise I pulled a DIAMOND EMBEDDED Adam Jones. I was completely excited and then I put in my next code and got Jake Pevy Diamond Embedded. I couldnt believe it when it happened! Very excited for those but I will trade if anyone pulls Yankees diamnond embedded.

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