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Panini no longer accepting expired redemptions

RE: Panini no longer accepting expired redemptions
I've done deleted the email chain as it involved a football 2012 Topps product/RC. By the time I realized the player just flat out wasn't signing that product he was at the top of his position and making pro bowls (2016), the card was worth 3 digits. I initiated questions to Topps CS and they said he never signed, they can offer me a substitution. I laid out what players I collect for each sport as well as some of their non sports stuff to give them a lot of wiggle room. The guy wrote back that according to their records the card was worth $20. I plead my case, nothing. The last email I got from the same CS rep was, "Do you want the substitution or not?" I agreed and I wound up getting a much lower valued card.

I'm glad to see the update that was added to the OP. I've stopped buying Topps boxes, only buy singles when relevant. I didn't want to have to try and take a high ground on Panini too.
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RE: Panini no longer accepting expired redemptions - by y2hood - 05-04-2020, 03:19 AM

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