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Panini no longer accepting expired redemptions

RE: Panini no longer accepting expired redemptions
I've never pulled a Panini redemption card. But I have pulled one of their garbage Rewards cards. I'll never actually redeem the points b/c they wanted $6 to ship a single card that had a BV of $6!!! I can safely ship them a tracked $100 card for less than $3, so why can't they send me ANY card for less than $6?! That's just stupid and Panini can kiss my...
Their Rewards program sucks, the Panini Instant program also sucks and they STILL can't make a correct Checklist on their website to save their lives. If collectors had a choice in the company they could buy their NFL, NBA, NASCAR, NCAA (and so on) cards from, Panini would be long gone by now. Topps would be gone too, honestly. No competition equals garbage product. Beckett is in that list too, and has been for longer than Panini.

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RE: Panini no longer accepting expired redemptions - by spazmatastic - 04-26-2020, 12:36 AM

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