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So I bought a repack box at Walmart...

So I bought a repack box at Walmart...
$20 for 20 packs including 4 hobby packs guaranteed (that should have sent me running) and 5 bonus cards. On the way home I'm beating myself up like an alcoholic who just bought a bottle

So open it up and here is what is inside:

2013 Prestige
3x 2013 Rookies & Stars
2014 Hit Sage
2014 Score
2 x 2015 Score
2 x 2016 Score
2017 Donruss
2017 Leaf Draft
2019 Hit Low Series
2019 Hit High Series
6 x 2019 Leaf Draft
Thanks Obama

So I open the 2013 Prestige
Typical base a Davin Escobar RC and an auto!
Steadman Bailey Draft Tickets ON CARD auto!
There's no autos....there's no autos in repacks!

First pack of 2013 Rookies and Stars
All base and a .... Joseph Randle RPA!
What sorcery is this?!!

Second pack had a Cam Newton insert and the third pack had a Steadman Bailey Rookie Crusader

2014 Hit Sage OK this will be trash...
First card Jimmy Garoppolo!

2014 Score has a James White RC

The 2 2015 Score only net a Leveon Bell Ground Gainers Gold Die-cut

The 2019 Hit Sage has a Marquis Brown RC

First card out of the first pack of 2019 Leaf... Kyler Murray!

To finish it off the 5 bonus cards were Panini SuperBowl Stars promo cards. Last one Ray Lewis... PC hit.

I feel like I should put a warning on this post like they do on the weight loss infomercials:

Results not typical

I collect Ray Lewis, Roger Staubach, Drew Pearson, Kellen Winslow Sr..  I no longer keep my Org here up to date. Please check with me.  Here is a thread with links to my inventory.

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